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Thread: Solaris

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    Can I download an iso of solaris just like freebsd or linux? I've already tried freebsd and linux and like them both so I thought why not try solaris. I heard thats what they use on there pcs in the space shuttle so it must be worth a try

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    Re: Solaris

    I downloaded it some time ago from the Sun website.
    However I wasn't happy with it because of the very limited hardware support (I gave up on it after trying the third video card without success).
    So before you waste your bandwidth on downloading it, check the supported hardware list and make sure you have it.

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    Re: Solaris

    If you have a Sparc box, Solaris is good. If you have an Intel box, forget about it. I have one Intel version given by Toletoy but I never got it to work.....

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    Re: Solaris

    I was able to get it running once, with X, but not network, sound or printing. Still plan to install it on the other box soon to play with. I want to learn Solaris. But I am not giving up my Mandrake box to do it.

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    Re: Solaris

    Get yourself a cheap sparc 10 on ebay... Not only will you learn Solaris, you'll learn about the sun platform as well...


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    Re: Solaris

    a sparc ultra 10?

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    Re: Solaris

    Sure, if you have the cash... Ultra 5s and Ultra 10s are nice, but pricey. The SparcSTATION 10 (SS10 or sparc 10) is a pizza-box chassis and they sell for very cheap now. They are pretty upgradable (although you can end up spending as much on upgrading as buying an Ultra 5) and Solaris 8 runs on them.

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    Re: Solaris

    I have a friend who just informed me that his job has a old sparc they plan to pitch and that I can have it, so that's what I will do. Yippie, a new toy and time-sink. ;D

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    Re: Solaris

    Sparc's are fun. 64bit proc's that are actually usefull for stuff. I'm planning on getting a sparc and running it as my firewall/proxy box, with craploads of cache! (;

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    Re: Solaris

    You can download the Solaris CD images from the Sun site. THe licence is basically you can use at home for development but you have to pay for a work/commercial licence.

    One version 2 licences full featured. NIce

    I downloaded it last week. The site has them as zip files but if you unzip them they become iso's

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