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Thread: Is BeOS dead?

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    Re: Is BeOS dead?

    I'm sure an LFS system where everything but gcc, glibc, and the kernel is compiled with those huge CFLAGS ("-O6...&quot would be just as responsive
    No it wouldn't. BeOS was geared more toward multimedia type manipulation and playback. The multimedia guy in Linux Journal uses BeOS a good amount when showing capabilities of applications.

    And it is export CFLAGS="-O3 -march=i686" && export CXXFLAGS="-O3 -march=i686" ;-).

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    Re: Is BeOS dead?

    Who here bets that Ashcrow is masturbating REALLY hard at the idea of OpenBSD with a GUI like that of BeOS?

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    Re: Is BeOS dead?

    I'm gettin myself a copy of BeOS from a friend for free. He said its full version 4.5 and upgrade edtion to 5.0. I hope it works on some of my older boxes. :-/

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    Re: Is BeOS dead?

    If they had an installer that worked in FreeBSD, I'd try it again.

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    Re: Is BeOS dead?

    From what I remeber I think it was closed source... Or some crap like that.. But I think it would of had a better chance if it was open source...

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    Re: Is BeOS dead?

    gmoreno: check out 8)

    I don't think they've released anything yet, though.

    Suupaa_Kenshi: I'm pretty sure that you install BeOS onto its' own partition and run it from there. Nonetheless, if you want to install it, I think you either need the full version (which is a bootable cd-rom, I believe), or a custom-made cd-rom that's bootable. There used to be a Linux package of it, but I can't seem to find it anywhere, otherwise I'd link to it.

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    Re: Is BeOS dead?

    i once saw on tv that a german company has developed a new version of beos its basically the same as 5.0 but with updates and more drivers

    and there are also rumors about a version 6.0 which is completely redesigned..

    so looks like beos is not dead yet ..

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