anybody live around toronto that knows freeBSD?

i need to get a boxen built and delivered to a professor at the university of toronto

i'll either do the hardware and ship it, or , if i can get one of my hardware trading buddies up there to do it, i'll have somebody do the hardware , then you can install freeBSD 4.5 and everything the professor will need to compile and stuff and then you can deliver it/give them a crash course on running it. *these dudes know linux, so it shouldn't be too hard

this is for the *medical science projects, so i'm looking for a volunteer, this isn't for pay

i'm donating the parts either directly or through my trading buddies at anandtech


post here/email me

thanks! *

ps *where does gnuvince live? montreal? i forget , i think he also does freebsd
hmmm, might have to pop over to LJ and post this

i think mike does hardware, maybe he can put the box together *