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Thread: FreeBsd troubles

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    FreeBsd troubles

    I want to install fbsd but the problem is that i dont know how it handles the partitions .. I have a primary partition and to extended partitions under that .. so when i install fbsd will the extended partitions get borked or deleted ?

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    Re: FreeBsd troubles

    Freebsd probably doesn't deal with partitions the way you are used to. it uses slices, each partition of the disk is a slice. I do not believe that it handles or needs to handle extended partitions.

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    Re: FreeBsd troubles

    You can have a maximum of 4 primary and extended partitions on an IDE hard disk. On a SCSI, I think it's 7. So it seems you have one left if it's IDE. And FreeBSD needs only one. It will divide that one partition into slices, like an extended partition is divided into logical drives. And by the way, FreeBSD doesn't do anything you don't tell it to, including deleting other partitions. It's not an operating system that just consumes your computer, like some.

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    Re: FreeBsd troubles

    Ewww, FreeBSD ...

    8) OpenBSD 8)
    8) NetBSD 8)

    Ok now that I have got that out of my system, I think FreeBSD does it's slices within the partition you give it. Maybe not, but when you install it it sure seems that way.

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    Re: FreeBsd troubles

    Ashcrow: you should 'ddp' the two lines.

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    Re: FreeBsd troubles

    Ashcrow: you should 'ddp' the two lines.

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    Re: FreeBsd troubles

    It just takes the partition on or left on the drive, and slices it up for FreeBSD. :P I took a regular extended partion via 'fdisk', (ack) and it carved it all up for itself without messing with the other partition. I thought I was going to have to setup the swap space and such, but no, it takes care of all that.

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