Hello, wondering if anyone can help me out here.
I got cable internet, and i got this old comp i'm gonna put linux on and want to use it as a router/server. My main comp is winxp. Now, i have no money, and this is all the parts i got, can i get this to work?

Old comp, will put linux on it, act as router.
- Has D-Link NIC, unknown spec, assumed 100baset
- Will put in LinkSys HPN-100 nic, meant for phone lines, but has a 10BaseT slot.

Old cheap 100BaseT hub i found in trash, works.

WinXP with built in 10/100 nic card.

I assume i'll have to do this:
Cable modem to 10B nic on linux, 100b nic out to hub, from hub to 100b on xp.

How would i go about doing that? I also don't know what drivers to use for the HPN-100 nic card. i tried doing this myself, but it said to ask my administrator for ip numbers and stuff. Well, i am the administrator and i hav eno clue :P thanks for any help -nova