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Thread: Enlighten me..

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    Enlighten me..

    I understand than when programming in C you need a developer like Kdevelop. You can then compile it. Perl uses the perl interpreter, python and ruby do the same. How do I use Java. I am doing a Java programming course next year and would like a head start. What do I need to get to be able to program in Java?
    Secondly, does anyone have some simple programs I could pull apart, or a decent tutorial?

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    Re: Enlighten me..

    download the blackdown java version from one of these mirrors, i've been using it for a couple of months now and it works great.
    the reason why i'm using blackdown's java instead of sun's java is because i heard the blackdown java is faster.

    the only thing u still need after u downloaded blackdown java is <insert favourite editor here>

    so imagine u start working on a java source code file. *u named it *to compile it type: javac
    then, when u want to run it, type: java First
    notice that i didn't use a file extension there, just use the name of the file without it's extension when u wanna run a java app u wrote


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