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Thread: Transfer OS to new comp

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    Transfer OS to new comp

    I have just built a new computer which will be a dual boot XP Home / SuSe 9.2 Pro as is my one at the moment.
    My question is how do i copy the Linux OS across to my new drive so I can keep all my settings.
    In Windows i will use Acronis, is thier any equivalent fpr Linux or is there an easier way of doing it.

    Regards Alan. ???

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    Re: Transfer OS to new comp

    You might try looking at "dump" and "restore" although I've only ever used vdump and vrestore (Tru64's versions) to move an OS. If dump and restore don't work, you can always back up /etc and /home to cdrom or tape and install fresh on the new machine, then restore the files you need from /etc and /home.

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