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Thread: Installing Enlightenment

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    Installing Enlightenment

    Hey guys!

    I am attempting to install E, but it doesnt seem to want to install. *I downloaded the tarball, and did a tar -zxvf to it, and it extracted all the content its directory. *I went into the directory, and did the ./configure. *When i do this, it gets all the way down to where it looks for Fnlib, and then tells me to go download it since it's not intalled.

    Fine. I downloaded it and installed it, and then redid ./configure. *However, it is still telling me its not installed. *And to check and make sure, i checked in /usr/share/fnlib_fonts and it was there. *I even chmoded it to 777, but it still says its not detected.

    Could someone lend me a hand? *Thanks *

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    Re: Installing Enlightenment

    Anyone? I know someone out there can help me ???

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    Re: Installing Enlightenment

    did u run ldconfig before u redid the Enlightenment configure? it's always a good idea to run ldconfig (as root) after installing libraries from source. another problem could also be that Enlightenment is still using the cache file of the previous configure. See if u can find a config.cache file in the enlightenment directory and if it's there remove it and try again

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    Re: Installing Enlightenment

    Nope. No go.

    I deleted config.cache, and then ran ldconfig. Then i typed ./configure and it still says it can't detect Fnlib.

    It seems to be saying it can't find I know i have Fnlib installed, but is it possible to search for this file? maybe it didnt get installer or something...


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    Re: Installing Enlightenment

    is it possible to search for this file?
    try this: find / -name "**" to check if the file is present on ur system

    something better would be to check if the Fnlib library is actually accessible by the dynamic library loader.
    run this:
    ldconfig -p | grep Fnlib

    if that command gives u an output showing something called Fnlib then the library is accessible for the dynamic loader and then enlightenment should be able to find it.

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    Re: Installing Enlightenment

    yeah a
    locate *
    I know i have Fnlib installed, but is it possible to search for this file?

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    Re: Installing Enlightenment

    When i type in ldconfig -p | grep Fnlib, i get the following: (ELF) => /usr/lib/

    and when i type in locate Fnlib, i get the following:


    What does this mean? *What should i do next...i still can't get E to install the damn thing *>


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    Re: Installing Enlightenment

    well, that means that the dynamic library loader can load the Fnlib library, so the problem is probably with the Enlightenment configure script. open the configure script, see where it goes looking for the Fnlib library and try changing it so it will look for it in the right place.

    another question: are u sure u installed the right version of Fnlib? cuz it might be possible that Enlightenment requires a higher version of it or something like that and if so, that might also be why it's bitching about it not being installed.

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    Re: Installing Enlightenment

    Bah. I opened up configure and all i see under the Fnlib part is a bunch of symbols and variables and echos...i dont even know where to begin to tell it when to find


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