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Thread: can't remove a core file

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    can't remove a core file

    Hi, everybody.
    I had a power shortage last night when I played RTCW MPTest, and just now I noticed that my / filesystem got enormously low, and I found a core file in /proc directory which is >500Mb. I am trying to remove it. It is a read-only I tried to chmod 666 and then remove it to no avail it stays read-only forever. Guys any ideas how to get it off my shoulders? 500Mb ... it is another couple of demos from loki-games.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: can't remove a core file

    I strongly - ney I very strongly recommend against removing *ANY* file from /proc - this is not on the harddrive, it exists in memory - here is a good read on it:

    the core file is a copy of all items in memory and when there is a core dump this file gets dumped.

    try a find / -name core and remove any that are laying around except those in the /proc directory.

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    Re: can't remove a core file

    Yeah, I see pbharris, but I tried find / -name core and the only one is in /proc, but hey it's freaking 500 Mb, I need it back, I tried to see what caused it with strings kcore, and the only usefull info was that it was created during bootup, I saw the first lines of my lilo.conf file, and bunch of junk afterwards.

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    Re: can't remove a core file

    Try this,
    du -m /proc - i am guessing you have 512 MB of ram, this is not really 512 MB in size.

    Here is how you can find the big hogs
    first do a df -h then a du -h /directory_name to see where the big hogs are.

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    Re: can't remove a core file

    Thanks for your help, I figured it out. Stupid me. It is my memory, and I found a huge core dumped file in my /var/log. It was about 250Mb I got rid off it easily.

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