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Thread: Impressed with Python2.2

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    Impressed with Python2.2

    People who remember when I posted the factorial of 65,536 surely remember that my Ruby script took ~4:30 minutes to complete while a Python2.1 script took over 12 minutes. *I downloaded Python2.2 (which now unifies short integer and long integers) and tried the script again. *Here are the new results:

    [vince@vincent: ~/prog]% time ruby/fact.rb 65536 > /dev/null
    ruby/fact.rb 65536 > /dev/null *261.95s user 0.94s system 99% cpu 4:23.70 total

    [vince@vincent: ~/prog]% time python/ 65536 > /dev/null
    python/ 65536 > /dev/null *214.33s user 5.43s system 99% cpu 3:40.28 total

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    Re: Impressed with Python2.2

    As I said, extremely impressive. ~400% speed gain for Python!

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    Re: Impressed with Python2.2

    Pffft, Ruby's so slow, I'm not even going to install it now...

    Just kidding. I'll probably install it tonight, just before I install KDE.

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    Re: Impressed with Python2.2

    Goody! Here's a blackjack program made in Ruby (based off the one vee-eye made in Python):

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