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Thread: Partitionless Install

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    Partitionless Install

    Any opinions welcomed!!!~ I did a partitionless install of RedHat 7.0 onto my C drive, which is inhabited by winME. I did this by naming the C drive */ *(root). ok. install went well as far as I can tell, but now I am left with 2 .IMG files located at C:/....redhat.img which shows 1.92Gb and a rhswap.img which shows 32.0 mg. I assume this is my Linux, but being somewhat DUH, i have no clue how to get my Linux to work? I tried booting with a Linux boot floppy, no luck, wants to do a complete re-install...when i turn on the system, it goes right to windows, which is fine, but how can i access Linux? i really really dont want to hose my whole hard drive, as i do not have an OEM for ME (which i want to get rid of, but thats a whole other story) ANYWAY, how can i access these .img files and make my Linux work?????thanks in advance, kerrysue

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    Re: Partitionless Install

    Welcome to linuxjunior - i hope we can be of help.

    Okay - I ahve never done a partitionless install because linux runs much better on its own filesystem. That said you did make the boot floopy to boot t these images? right, if not then you may need to reinstall.
    here is the doc on it.

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    Re: Partitionless Install

    Well, .img files are disk images... just mount them... oh wait, it's windows, nevermind

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    Re: Partitionless Install

    Thanks for responses! well, trying to boot from the floppy I made during install, takes me through a lovely LILO with many many green "ok"s...then the screen stutters it's way through some dire looking things that do not stay on screen long enough for me to read (not a good sign, i know)and then I have a blank screen infinite ...If i go for install #2, should I remove the previous install? or just whamm-o right over the top of it? I am trying my best to avoid messing with the OS residing on drive right now, due to majority vote of users in house :.....

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    Re: Partitionless Install

    Well, if you have a screwed up install, it's usually better to remove it before installing it again, that way there's guaranteed to be no leftover cruft that could cause harm...

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    Re: Partitionless Install

    Yeah, I agree. Remove them before you re-install. It's easy. Just delete the two files and you should be on your way to be able to reinstall. Make sure you make the boot disk and that there is no error on it.

    You can also have dual boot with ME and Linux too. This computer of mine dual boot to Win2K and Red Hat Linux 7.2 ( due to that my scanner is completely useless in Linux and I've got this scanner for free ).

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