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Thread: Wanna start a KDE project?

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    Wanna start a KDE project?

    I want to start a KDE project, mostly because I want to learn how Qt works.

    I don't really have any ideas as to what to make, but if someone does and has some idea of what they would like it to look like, then go get Qt Designer (available for most distributions, it's kde-designer under Debian), and make some sort of interface. *Then send the *.ui file to me with a description of what everything does (either through my email address here or post a link to it.) *Also, I hate to be limiting, but limit it only to a dialog box (you'll be asked what to make when Qt Designer starts up.) *I'll mess with some of the other window types later on.

    No coding skill necessary. *Make sure you give all the widgets in your dialog box, along with the dialog box, have descriptive and intuitive names.

    If I get multiple submissions, I'll pick one pseudo-randomly (i.e. the one I feel like doing, which will probably be the one that has the best explanation for what it does and good widget names.)

    No coding skills necessary.

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    Re: Wanna start a KDE project?

    The new QT-designer can do full windows as well as dialog boxes, but dialogs are a good place to start.

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