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Thread: What is byte-code?

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    What is byte-code?

    I have heard this term and I do not know what it means. The only thing I can really find on the Web about it is the fact that it is the compiled form of Java programs. However, I know that many other languages compile to byte-code before execution. Would anyone care to explain to me in technical terms what this is?

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    Re: What is byte-code?

    The only thing I know about byte code is that the lego mindstorm rcx uses it.

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    Re: What is byte-code?

    Think of bytecode as semi-compiled programs. What the compiler does is turn it into an executable form that the run time environment (java, perl, whatever) can understand. This makes the code faster than just parsing the source (like #!ing things) and keeps it's cross-platform status. As you know, java can be compiled on a Win box and run on a Linux box, then a Solaris box and finally on an OpenBSD box and have no problems (providing the language utilities are installed on the system).

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