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    Learning php

    hey all, I'm goig to start learning php, I was just wanting to find out any useful resouces for it anyone might have .. this is my first attempt at a web related language .. I'm lookin learn to tie code into a mySQL database .. (ya i posted a similar topic in Server, but this is more php related) .. well thanks in advance ..

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    Re: Learning php

    Php and mysql web development. Best book I ever bought for that sort of thing. Steps you through basic to advanced php and mysql, steps you through compiling them your self, linking php and mysql databases. Really good book.

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    Re: Learning php

    I'll chip in my usual DevShed link: go for the php101 lessons. A great intro to php/MySql, but you'll want a book to take it farther.

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    Re: Learning php

    MySQL/PHP Database Applications by Jay Greenspan (of WebMonkey) and Brad Bulger.

    Also, just ask me.

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