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    java newb

    I just downloaded the redhat rpm shell scripts from Sun Microsystems. They come in a .bin format. How do I install them on my system???

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    Re: java newb

    I'm not sure I understand your question....the jsdk taht comes in bin format to works like this:
    1. download it
    2. chmod +x the downloaded file
    3. run it.

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    Re: java newb

    real easy! Open a terminal - , as user then type su - to set youself a the super user, enter the password. cd to the direcorty where the bin file is and type ./jre1_31.bin - or whatever the name is. It willl then ask where to put stuff, i use /usr/local/ .

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    Re: java newb

    I tried to execute the bin file like you said pbharris but I got a "permission denied" after I tried. And I was already running as root. If it helps i'm running Red Hat 6.0.

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    Re: java newb

    try what elovkoff said with the chmod +x filename

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    Re: java newb

    Sorry but after I read your post I figured out the problem. even though its dubbed a .bin file, it is a shell script. I just ran 'sh' and it installed...well atleast it said it did. I seem to not be able to find anything related to java on my system, I've searched high and low. And no sign of the little compiler or VM.

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    Re: java newb

    making it +x works either.

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    Re: java newb

    Probably you've done all that but just in case...
    If you use rpm then you can always do rpm -qa | grep <rpm-name-you-wanna-check> (or part of the name). Probably you should add some lines to .bash_profile or some global statements in .profile to specify where your java installation is and after that you should be able to use 'which java' to find out where executables are. Or you can use 'locate java' or 'find / -name java'
    Those are just some guesses-you'd better read docs and reade that come with rpm.

    I'm nor a big fan of rpms - you can't actually control what and where is installed (correct me if I'm wrong here) - when you use tarballs or binary installs you can alwways use --prefix=/path and at least you have some control over which software is installed and where. I use the same convention as pbharris mentioned-I store all my software under /usr/local/ , not to mention that a lot of programs you may install later expect /usr/local as a default location.

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