Here's the thing, I'm writting a transport system which uses SLIP, and along side my payload I would like to send the length of the payload to correctly asembel the file on the otherside and other cool stuff, but I can't directly throw in a int of the default size 1024, since that causes al kinds of problems.

So I figured that I could use atoi to turn it from ascii to int - which solves half the problem, is there a itoa function or how do we go about fetching the length of the array and putting it into the array?

I figured that strlen(array) would give me the correct length and then what do we do to convert this into the chars '1' '0' '2' '4', of course we need to do this dynamically because of the possiblity of the last payload message not being 1024 chars. so I figure if we can do it like that, the problem will be solved and I can go about my life.

thx in advance