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Thread: Font rendering in RedHat 7.2

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    Font rendering in RedHat 7.2

    I have been experimenting with RedHat 7.1 and 7.2 for several months. One of the most disappointing aspects however is the quality of font rendering versus what I am used to under Windows.

    I have found the same issue on 3 different machines with different graphics cards as well as different installs of Gnome and Ximian Gnome. It applies to Mozilla, Galeon, Netscape browsers as well as AbiWord etc etc

    Is there a way to setup my machines so that I can get equivalent font rendering quality to what is now typical on Windows machines.

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    Re: Font rendering in RedHat 7.2

    Try installing true type fonts. This article here describes the process step-by-step:

    Are you using the Gnome or KDE desktop?

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    Re: Font rendering in RedHat 7.2

    read my post in Community called "Want pretty fonts in X" and install some truetype fonts.

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    Re: Font rendering in RedHat 7.2

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have made some forward progress with the article >>

    One point I discovered is that when copying my Windows True Type files, the file extension is case sensitive and my Windows font folder had lots of files with both .ttf and .TTF extensions. So I did the copy twice to cover both .ttf and .TTF

    Lovechild's reference also leads to what looks like an excellent source of info on X11 and Fonts >>

    As it turns out, in section of the later, it provides a routine to convert the extensions to lower case as "all font files must have lower case names for xfs", so I will probably see further improvement after re-doing the more detailed steps outlined in the HOWTO.

    Any other suggestions or experience are welcome. (Oh and on the question Gnome or KDE? I am using Ximian Gnome.)

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