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    So I have this guy at work bugging me to start playing Evercrack. Since I have the GF3 in the RH box, has anyone been successful in getting it to work in some type Windows emulator under Linux? I would put it my finacee's Win box, but it has the ATI AIW 128 in it. :P

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    Tried winex yet?

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    I've tried it with WineX and no go. I lost about a year and a half of my life playing that damn game. It is, as they say, like using crack, (it was the only reason I dual-booted) though I did start to get bored of it over the past few months and have since closed my account. In my opinion, the game is only as a good as the the friends you make it in. For a while, I and the same few people logged on at the same time every night and played together for months. It was a lot of fun. If you play it solo, it gets dull real fast.


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