Hey folks, its me again. I have a more complicated problem then usual this time. Im trying to write a script for Caldera OpenUnix 8.0 that runs once, reboots the system, and calls another script that runs before the system reaches the user login stage. I was able to do this in linux by editing my /etc/rc5.d directory and putting a symbolic link to a script that i put in /etc/init.d (or was it the other way around?... you know what i mean). When the system rebooted it ran the script and then rebooted again. I need to do the same thing for unix... but i cant figure out how. There is no /etc/fstab and the /etc/init.d does not look similar to linux at all. Anyone have any suggestions? If you need more information just tell me what you need to know and ill gladly post it. Thanks for any help you can provide!!
--Morphman, constantly baffled newbie scripter