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Thread: unreal tournament

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    unreal tournament

    I want to get this for linux and wondered if you have to buy a linux version or buy the win version and then send away for the linux version. I'd also like tribes 2 but I have a p 2 300 224 mb ram and a 32 mb tnt 2 pro so I doubting it will run that well.

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    Re: unreal tournament

    Buy Windows version and download the binaries from the loki site.

    The Linux version is the same as the Windows one, only with the installer bundled.. Soo it doesn't really matter which one you get.

    T2 on that machine will run at snail pace...

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    Re: unreal tournament

    does UT take more power then quake 3?

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    Re: unreal tournament

    UT seems to take more CPU, less video. that's just my opinion though...

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    Re: unreal tournament

    UT is more resource hungry than Q3:Arena. It may have been a bad mobo/CPU, but my k6-2-500 with a TNT hurts bad under UT, with Q3 it is fast. (under the same res an bit depth, and the same amount of bots/players).

    To answer your first question, I bougth the Game of the year Edition and grabbed the latest GOTY binary and went from there. Linux UT runs about as fast as Winblows does.

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