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    Re: 3d

    wineX should support the 3D stuff better than wine, have tou looked at transgaming's home page?

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    Re: 3d

    I enjoy wine on a regular basis, only I like the bottled kind not the binary kind.
    I don't drink wine myself. I prefer a nice iced tea with my steak. Besides, it's too hard to get those little binaries cleaned out from between your teeth.

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    Re: 3d

    Jesus Christ,
    How difficult can my questions be? It's not like im asking you to explain the theory of relativity...

    Everybody's like this: :-X
    Did you bother researching the problem yourself during the 18 hours between your original posting and the request for JC's assistance. I'm sure He uses Linux over Windows though I'm not sure if He uses WineX over Wine.

    How about a Google search ( )? You'll probably find lots there to help.

    Unfortunately LinuxJunior is not a busy bbs (though it should be) and with the handful of members logged on at any given time, not all will have knowledge/experience with WineX. I don't.

    You could request a membership refund if you find that ljr has not fulfilled it's obligation to you. Just fill out the form on the homepage and your Visa/Mastercard will be credited.

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    Re: 3d

    damn, you guys are funny... all your replys made me laugh my ass off...and I suppose the basic idea of the theory of relativity isn't that hard to explain. Jesus Christ wasn't really much help either... and no, seeing as how much i liked your reactions i am absolutely not displeased at all with my free membership on this cool board. thanx for the help anyway guys....peace


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