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Thread: front end for the zinc emulator

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    front end for the zinc emulator

    I have created a gnome front end for the zinc emulator. You can get it


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    Re: front end for the zinc emulator

    Could you tell us why you picked that domain name? Just curious ...

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    Re: front end for the zinc emulator

    I was kinda wondering that myself :)

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    Re: front end for the zinc emulator

    We here at Socialist Software believe that software should be free. Everyone should have the right to view the source of the software they are using. Everyone should also be free to modify that source to suit his or her needs. We believe that free software inspires a communal effort that benefits everyone.

    The term "Free Software" refers to the word "free" as in freedom of speech, not necessarily that the cost is free. Free software is not a new idea either. It is actually how much software used to be in the early years of computers.
    I guess the manifesto says it all.

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    Re: front end for the zinc emulator

    I graduated with a degree in Socialist Economic Theory. It has been something I have been passionate about for a while. Free Software and Open Source is a very Socialist ideology.

    Many people think that socialism is subversive or un-American (if you are American), but much of the American institutions are based on Socialist ideas, such as unemployment.

    So my "Manifesto" sucks at the moment, I have been spending more and more time programming and less time writing.

    I hope that answers your question.

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    Re: front end for the zinc emulator

    That sounds like a cool degree. But do people think your odd to get such a degree? When I tell people I have a degree in Philosophy they just ask me WHY.

    BTW What is zinc.

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    Re: front end for the zinc emulator

    Actually most people think the same as you, that it is cool. It makes for some interesting conversations. Especially with people that think Socialism == Communism.

    Zinc is an arcade game emulator, that can emulate games such as rival schools and strider2. It runs very fast on any decent machine with a good 3d card.

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