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Thread: SuSe 7.3 [Microsoft What???]

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    Re: SuSe 7.3 [Microsoft What???]

    I heard RedHat has something called Up2Date (?) and it's supposed to be a more visual version of apt-get.

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    Re: SuSe 7.3 [Microsoft What???]

    there you have it

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    Re: SuSe 7.3 [Microsoft What???]

    Yes, it uses KDE 2.2.1. *You should go ahead and upgrade.....I think you'll really like it.
    If it's like the eval cd and every other version of 2.2.1 I've tried,
    kLISA is broken. You can "smb://<hostname>/" and use any
    of the browsers, but so far no fix for "rlan://".

    It worked fine in 2.0.x!

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    Re: SuSe 7.3 [Microsoft What???]

    ;D Installed 7.3 pro on my linux box. SHeeezam This os rocks. If it only had apt-get. 2300 programs came with it gonna have to go to a bigger hardrive (10 gig to small). :P
    Yeah, SuSE rocks. I've used 6.3 and 7.0 before I switched to Debian, but SuSE is the best RPM based distro... If SuSE ever gets APT, I'll give it another try. 8)

    I still haven't learned how to type SuSE!

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    Re: SuSe 7.3 [Microsoft What???]

    Well, Mandrake has been experimenting with Apt, and I have seen some 'Drake boxes with Apt up and running. That would be cool.

    SuSE does rock, BTW.

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