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Thread: Migration to Debian is not working :(

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    Migration to Debian is not working :(

    Ok, here's whats gone down so far:

    - Boot disks failed to work. I checked the md5sums, and they were different. I'm assuming it got corrupted during the download.

    - Because of this, I decided to redownload Debian. After I deleted my current debian install files, I thought "gee, since I'm storing this on a fat32 partition, I might as well switch it over to ext2, might make things easier. So I load up cfdisk, delete the partition that I was storing Debian on, then make a new one in ext2fs. I save the partition, but it gives me an error. It says it wrote the partition table, but could not re-read it, and that I should reboot my computer for the changes to take effect. I edited /etc/fstab to match the new partition, and I rebooted. When it booted, it wouldn't boot properly, it said the edited partition had the wrong magic numbers or something. I managed to 'fix' it by deleting the partition and removing the line from /etc/fstab. Now I can boot, but I have a big useless 2 GB chunk of disk that I'd like to store my debian install files on.

    I'm planning to just download the boot disks this time, and install over ftp. I'd like to fix my partitions within mandrake, for the learning experience, but ultimately it won't matter because I'll fix it up in the Debian install (it does give me a chance to edit my partitions during the install, right?)

    Thanks, everybody

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    Re: Migration to Debian is not working :(

    Libranet to the rescue. Download the iso from here (it's free now):

    Trust me, it will make your Debian experience a lot less troublesome.

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    Re: Migration to Debian is not working :(

    Hmmmm. Ok, Libranet looks pretty good. I don't have a burner, though - how do I mount the ISO? I've searched the forums and found nothing.

    (edit: In other news, fez didn't set the search to go back farther than 7 days, and has now found the way to mount an ISO... ignore this post...)

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    Re: Migration to Debian is not working :(

    Is libranet based on debian or something. I remember seeing a logo for it at some site and theres was tux and a debian swirl thing

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    Re: Migration to Debian is not working :(

    Ok, I have another question - Libranet appears to be based on potato. This is largely unacceptable because the packages are terribly dated! Will it be easy to install woody packages onto my Libranet system?

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    Re: Migration to Debian is not working :(

    To be quite honest, I always burned the iso on a CD and booted from the CD. I highly doubt that you can install it straight from the iso.
    This is how you mount an iso, though:

    mount -o loop -t iso9660 -r whatever.iso /mnt/whatever

    Than you would probably have to copy all the files out from /mnt/whatever to another directory. You will then have to create boot floppies. After that I'm really not sure. If this doesn't work, you might have to get a burner. They are really not that expensive any more. Check out

    Libranet is not based on potato. Where did you get that? It has kernel 2.4.3. Anyway, just edit the /etc/sources.list file to point to woody and then do an apt-get dist-upgrade to get the newest versions of all the packages.

    Hope this helps somewhat.

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    Re: Migration to Debian is not working :(

    I highly doubt that you can install it straight from the iso.
    This is how you mount an iso, though:

    mount -o loop -t iso9660 -r whatever.iso /mnt/whatever
    I just thought I would correct cloverm. It is possible to install linux from an iso. During the install routine you should be able to switch to a terminal (read the documentation for your distro to find out how). Mount the iso from that terminal and when the install routine asks you for the source of the install (cdrom, hard drive, ftp, etc.), choose hard drive and enter in the location of the mount point. It's really not that hard.

    I know that the Red Hat 7.2 and Mandrake 8/8.1 install routines will automatically do the mounting for you. But for debian or slackware you'll have to use the command above.

    Good luck with the install!!
    Let us know how it goes!!!

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    Re: Migration to Debian is not working :(

    cloverm: Oops, sorry for emailing you; didn't realize you'd post the same thing here as you did in your email

    mjb0314: interesting, I'll try that out. Thanks -- and I sure will post how everything went when I'm done/need more help.

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    Re: Migration to Debian is not working :(

    Ok, here's the deal.

    I made the Libranet boot disks, they both worked fine. I was going through the installation procedure, and everything went fine up to a point. I successfully chose my keyboard layout, formatted my / partition, and mounted / and /home (as /target and /target/home).

    But then, I told it to install the kernel and stuff, and it said mounting the cdrom failed. This is understandeable, because I don't have the cd.

    To remedy this, I mounted the iso to /mnt/cdrom, and it worked (I cd'd into the directory and I could list the files properly.

    The only problem is, it still claimed it couldn't mount the CD, and wouldn't let me install.

    I now need to know how to do one or both of the following in order to successfully install Libranet:

    - figure out where libranet wants the cdrom to be mounted, I was just guessing /mnt/cdrom.
    - tell it not to try to mount, just to accept that it is already mounted.

    Thanks, all!

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    Re: Migration to Debian is not working :(

    There should be a way for you to change the source media from which you install.

    Read section 7.11 from the debian install manual:

    Also, check and see if libranet has an online install manual for you to look at.

    Libranet should give you an option to install from a different source media. If not, I would suggest emailing their support or check out some debian specific newsgroups. Or maybe someone else on this board might know????

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