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Thread: Debian on Laptop

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    Debian on Laptop

    Ive been ranting and raving for the last couple of months that if I get another computer and officially graduate to the class of geek (that is, having more computers than televisions), that I would load Debian on it.

    After getting my boss (who has played with RedHat) to concede that we need a documentation server running SuSe 7.3 (the god of all distros), and after spending the 3 hours it took to load the IBM IntelliServer (see SCSI controller module from hell)...Im in a operating system loading mood.

    System : NEC Versa 2780 Laptop 233mhz 32mb RAM (installing a 128 stick later this morning).

    now downloading libranet-1.9.1.iso

    all 600 MB of it

    Ive never seen my gkrellm eth0 monitor glow like that before

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    Re: Debian on Laptop

    coltrane link=board=distros&num=1007377106&start=0# 0 date=12/03/01 at 04:58:25]class of geek (that is, having more computers than televisions)
    Is that what it takes to be a geek these days? But I'll never have 6 computers, at least not until I'm living on my own and I have a job... but by then I'll only have 1 tv... hmmmm....

    sorry for the OT post

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