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    Does RealPlayer work on Linux (Mandrake 8.1)? Or is there another player that works good? Thanks!

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    The official RealPlayer for Linux should install smoothly on MDK, and no there is no other player with 100% functionally, which is why you shouldn't use Real for anything if you feel as strongly about software freedom as I do, as RealPlayer is non-free.

    Other projects to watch (


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    Re: RealPlayer

    Yeah realplayer is kind of lame..

    if you just want somethning for playing mp3's and wav's I'd go with xmms

    but if you want realvideo, realplayer is about the only choice

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    Re: RealPlayer

    A quick search on freshmeat showed me xmovie, which is pretty good at playing MPEGs, and you can use xanim/aKtion for most everything else. Read the man page for xanim to see what it supports (quicktime movies are in there, so are avis, and a few others).

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    Re: RealPlayer

    For real movies, use RealPlayer8 ( For everything else, get mplayer

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