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Thread: Today is LFS day

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    Today is LFS day

    Yup... I want GNU/LoveLinux fully i686 optimized.

    Soo I started the long hard process of fixing my Desktop PC for this project.

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    Re: Today is LFS day

    good luck .. im at my third try on LFS .. just statically compiling the gcc

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    Re: Today is LFS day

    good luck guys, and may the source be with you

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    Re: Today is LFS day

    I went on a sidetrack - I popped in my Redmond Linux CD to install a basic system to compile from.... A I'm rather impressed with it, soo I decided to write a review of it and post it later on.... LFS will have to wait for a few hours.

    Good news is that my desktop PC now boots correctly

    and thank you Ralinx

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