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Thread: webserver failed to start

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    webserver failed to start


    I am a newbie at Linux. I have redhat 9. I have a static public IP assigned to the box and can get access to the internet without problems. I am attempting to start the webserver through KDE AND CLI and both come back failed. I started the FTP server to play around and was successful there.

    I searched for ideas as to what could be causing the problem without success.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Dear forgette,

    Can you please post what error you got ?

    BTW it will help you to install and start webserver.

    # rpm -ivh httpd-x.y.z.rpm
    # service httpd start


    Best Regards.
    Frrkh hmd

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    The best way to troubleshoot this would be to have two separate terminal winows open with these commands running.

    # tail -0f /var/log/messages
    # tail -0f /var/log/httpd/error_log
    They display the contents of the main system error log file and that for Apache.

    The cause of the problem should show up there. Post the error message and we'll be able to provide better help.

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