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Thread: Installing Peanut Linux...

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    Installing Peanut Linux...


    I just tried to install Peanut Linux on my box at home. I have a boot image floppy, a root image floppy and a CD burned by me. I have easily managed to make correct Linux partitions (570MB and 80 MB of swap).

    But unfortunately, after inserting the two floppies and starting setup (including setting of the keyboard), PL tells me it can't find the peanut.bz2 file under /DOS/peanut/ and that I had to mount it manually. So I type in
    mount /dev/hdb /
    (that's where this file is, on the CD, in the root directory) and stage1
    Then the box continues, asking me which kind of file system I prefer (ext2, ext3, umsdos, reiser fs). No matter which I select, the process stops and the box tells me
    cat: /tmp/device: No such file or directory
    Indeed, this file or directory does not exist. If I create a directory of this name, the process described above stops with
    cat: /tmp/device: ls directory
    What's wrong?
    Unfortunately I didn't succeed in inserting this thread in the Peanut Linux Forum (bad server).

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Installing Peanut Linux...

    try remvoing tyhe directory and create an empty file - touch /tmp/device will do it.

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    Re: Installing Peanut Linux...

    touch /tmp/device will do it.
    Indeed, now the setup process ends with the prompt without the line
    cat: /tmp/device: No such file or directory
    Better than before, but not really a progress.

    It surely depends on my CD-ROM device. When entering
    mount /dev/hdb /
    I am convinced to do the right thing, as Linux recognizes the CD-ROM device as hdb when booting, and as it is the place where the file "peanut.bz2" is. But normally, it would have to start (to run, make noise etc.), but it does not.
    And now every time I mount it, the prompt returns six or seven times a "writing-protected, read-only mode" or similar, ending sometimes with the news that the device is busy or sometimes just with the prompt.
    Any idea?

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    Re: Installing Peanut Linux...

    I got it!


    for everybody concerned by this:
    You have to set all the setup files into a directory called /peanut, maybe on the CD-ROM or on your Windows partition, if you have any. Then it works (the setup). I do not remember to have it read anywhere, but maybe I missed it.
    But unfortunately I got stuck with another problem...(see thread "cannot determine the mouse protocol&quot

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