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Thread: Review: Redmond Linux

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    Re: Review: Redmond Linux

    Lovechild, you're so leet. :P :P :P :P Now I'm gonna have to go try this since I recently upgraded my kernel to 2.4.17 with ATA 33. ;D
    /me bows

    Thank you, but I posted that ages ago - now I have the RAID thing working, and with the newer kernel trees you can get free hardware raid with a bios hack... so very l33t..

    Doesn't anyone read those damn PETs ?

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    Re: Review: Redmond Linux

    Doesn't anyone read those damn PETs ?
    Um...yeah, I do.

    Thanks for the review. I might have to set up a second computer for my kids to play with. I might just pop Redmond Linux into it.

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