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Thread: mandrake 8.2

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    mandrake 8.2

    anybody know of a mirror where i can download mandrake linux 8.2 without having to pay for a service?

    Can't really afford to pay a monthly fee to mandrake after i just bougt this laptop.


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    Re: mandrake 8.2

    You don't need to pay a monthly fee to use Mandrake ....

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    Re: mandrake 8.2

    mandrake must be damn popular right now becuase i can't get one ftp or mirror site to work.. Anybody care to help out?

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    Re: mandrake 8.2

    grr well i finally got an ftp the works.. iam downloading about 4 iso files, do i just burn those onto a cd and stick it in the drive and reboot? or am i missing something ?

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    Re: mandrake 8.2

    there are probably only three isos (though there may be four, i only got three) and yes, you just burn them and reboot...simple...and well worth it (i love 8.2, i just wish they had waited one more month or so and included the final of KDE3)

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    Re: mandrake 8.2

    NO! you dont just burn the ISO follow these steps...

    Hope that helps

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    Re: mandrake 8.2

    Use Adaptec Easy CD Creator to burn the ISOs. Very Simple. Been doing it for years now.

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