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Thread: Download Suse 8.0??

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    Download Suse 8.0??


    I'm looking for a source to download Suse 8.0, but so far I haven't found anything. The Suse ftp has only the live evaluation...

    Somewhere I've read that Suse will not put it on their that right? Can I download it somwhere else?

    Thnx in advance

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    Re: Download Suse 8.0??

    They will post it up in a few weeks.

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    Re: Download Suse 8.0??

    weeks?? pheww, that's a ong time

    Any other download sources? I really don't wanna buy it cause I bought 7.3 a few months ago .... I should have waited, but it was linux...I couldn't resist :

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    Re: Download Suse 8.0??

    I don' think so. If you know someone who has bought it you could get an ISO from them. If that happens pass it along to me as well!

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    Re: Download Suse 8.0??

    SuSE don't put the latest version of their distribution on their FTP server until a good few weeks after it is released. Some people will moan about this, but do bear in mind that "free software" doesn't mean you don't pay anything for it.

    I'm both a Debian and SuSE user - Debian when I have decent net access and SuSE on my standalone ( because it is so much more convenient : ). I'm currently using SuSE 7.2, and won't begrudge paying 50 for the professional version of either 8.0 or 8.1 (it'll probably be only then when I can afford it).

    In my opinion SuSE are much more likely of being here as a commerical organisation in a years time than Mandrake, who are struggling precisley because everybody (well, a lot of people) just downloads their GPL isos instead of buying the powerpacks.

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