I just bought and installed SuSE 8 and I must say I'm very impressed! The installer did a great job and the install was just soo unbelievably easy, and all my hardware was detected without any problems. The default KDE 3 setup was also decent. Now I have tons of software to play with...

Well, there are a couple of things I need to figure out, since Debian has spoiled me so badly that I've forgot some basic things.

1) How to compile a kernel the "traditional" way (Debian's kernel-package has spoiled me)

2) How to install software from the SuSE CD's (ok, YaST is nice and all, but apt-get was still easier - no need to run some confusing gui config apps)

3) How to get to internet from cli (in Debian it was just pon and poff, now how do I get some nice scripts in SuSE so I don't have to use gui apps for connecting?)

Anyway, so far NGene likes SuSE ;D