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Thread: KDE 2.2.1

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    KDE 2.2.1

    OK, so I installed KDE 2.2.1. *As many of you will recall, I was very impressed with 2.1 when I tried it, but ended up back in iceWM after a bit. *How's 2.2.1 look? *Very good. *Faster than 2.1 but with all the things I liked about 2.1 improved upon and more. *This version may well hold on to me with its integration, polished look and feel and simplicity. *Plus it is rock solid stable so far and, as previously mentioned, fast.

    I love the new MWM look option, when combined with Motif widgets and the CDE color scheme. *Match that with a Solaris theme for GTK and the whole shootin' match looks consistant- can't hardly tell the GTK apps from the QT apps, which is very cool. *And it looks old school Unix! * * ;D ;D ;D

    I love the Konsole terminal emulator. *I think it is the best emulator out there. *Lots of nice features and power.

    K-Mail rocks. *I always liked it anyway.

    Complaints- Konqueror still seems to be a bit flaky as a web browser. *It works, but tends have minor rendering problems on several pages, which is a bit annoying. *As a file manager it works veru well; however, I still prefer Midnight Commander or Bash over any GUI file manager.

    Kate (text editor)- OK, Kate looks very nice, has lots a neat features and integrates very well into the KDE; however, it still has freaking idiotic hard line breaks, which renders it USELESS for me. *Of course, I am a Vim-head anyway, but Kate needs serious fixing! *Plus, it can not be uninstalled, being to well integrated into the KDE.

    I don't have KOffice installed, as I loath office suites and do not use them.

    The little KPaint program crashes. *Not that I need it for anything. *It was a simple unistall. *KMultimedia package was of no use to me. *I use Xmms for audio stuff. *I'm not a multimedia person, so I am biased and there may be stuff in there that others need. *I simply uninstall the KMultimedia package. *Same with the KDE graphics tools- nothing in there I can't do with ImageMagik. *

    So really, I am running a trimmed down KDE. *I am running some GTK apps, like Gimp and GVim, and using Netscape for my browser (hey, I like Netscape, leave me alone! *:P) and doing my file management stuff in Konsole. *I am using K Mail and I really like the KDE calculator. *

    I am very happy with it at the moment. *

    Any bets as to when, or if, I go back to iceWM? * ;D

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    Re: KDE 2.2.1

    I think you will go back to icewm, it will just take longer than before. I am getting to a point where I don't even want gnome or kde on my system. Of course, cli has me happy for now, but I might just load the gtk libraries that I need and the qt/kde libraries and run xfce. Anyway, I am going to install kde2.2.1 later this week myself and check it out.

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    Re: KDE 2.2.1

    I am jealous, I still 2.1.1!!! But I will wait to upgrade until 3.0 beta comes out (I heard it was going to be december.) Or I may wait until final release (about Feb.)

    But how does it look compared to 2.1?
    Do you have a screenshot? ;D

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    Re: KDE 2.2.1

    i used to hate kde because it was so bloated and slow. but since the day kde 2.2 came out i've been using it nonstop

    use it, and u'll be assimilated

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    Re: KDE 2.2.1

    I can't wait for 3.0. Some screenshots I've seen are absolutely amazing. I'll try that. Until then... 8) Blackbox 8)



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