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Thread: Blackbox requirements

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    Blackbox requirements

    I've been reading about how window managers are diferent to desktops, etc but I am still confused. I'm trying to create a syste, which takes up as little space as possible. Its going to run blackbox but I don't know what I don't need to run it. Can I just install X and blackbox by themselves? Or does blackbox require some files that come with KDE?
    Basically, what are the bare minimum of packages/libs I need to use blackbox?

    James Doherty

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    Re: Blackbox requirements

    the only thing i think u'll need is graphic libraries (jpg, png, tiff, ...)
    the best way to find out is to do an LFS system (u could also go with a very basic install of a distro but with LFS u'll learn more), install X on it, and then just install blackbox on it

    run configure for blackbox and it should tell u what extra libraries u still need. every required library should be mentioned in the README from the blackbox tarball, or listed on their site. then just install each library at a time, untill the blackbox configure doesn't bitch anymore and the compilation finishes succesfully.

    but i would definitely go with an LFS system since u want the system to take up as little space as possible. with LFS u get a very, very basic system and then u'll only install what u need, nothing extra

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    Re: Blackbox requirements

    From reading the LFS manual, I'm getting the idea that I already need a distro installed on another partition. Is there any other way to do it? Like a boot/root disk setup?


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    Re: Blackbox requirements

    you do if your compiling everything. You need a running base
    to work from, which is basically what LFS is. LFS's userbase
    is just expanding to accomodate the non-base software since
    so many people want an OS that will do something besides

    You can install a base pretty easily from Debian or Slack if
    you know what is supposed to be there. Slack also has
    Blackbox, so you can install a base then add Blackbox &
    whatever other progs you want.


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    Re: Blackbox requirements

    I'm pretty sure that if you have X, that's all you need.

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    Re: Blackbox requirements

    Okay, thanka for your help. I might give Debian a whirl when 3.0 comes out and then work on creating a LFS system on another partition. (Its all on a 40gb hd so it will be alright ;D )

    I've learn't quite a bit already even from reading just the LFS doc's. Very interesting.


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