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Thread: rxvt color

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    rxvt color

    I have an problem. When I start an rxvt from the menu or the Window Maker doc, I do not have color text. I do have color for MC and Vim.

    If I launch a second rxvt from the first, it has color and if I su in the first, the su login has color.

    WTF? And it just stated this when I tried to set a different background color ie rxvt -bg grey -fg black from inside a properly working rxvt.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: rxvt color

    Isn't there a config file for it? Try diving into that. It may have an obvious line. I had some fubar crap with KDE that was royally pissing me off and the config files told me alot of how my system was setup by just glossing over the conf file.

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    Re: rxvt color

    ~/.Xresources or ~/.Xdefaults

    have something like:

    rxvt*background: darkgreen
    rxvt*foreground: yellow
    rxvt*transparent: false
    rxvt*transpscrollbar: false
    rxvt*shading: 60
    rxvt*scrollBar: true
    rxvt*iconName: xterm
    rxvt*scrollBar_right: true
    rxvt*scrollTtyOutput: true
    rxvt*scrollTtyKeypress: true
    rxvt*font: 8x13
    rxvt*backspacekey: ^?
    rxvt*saveLines: 4096

    thats what i have at least.

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    Re: rxvt color

    Well, it was a Window Maker thing. I use a script to launch rxvt in the dock so that I can launch multiple rxvt sessions from the docked icon. I had it somehow borked to where it was not loading my settings.

    Now I have it fixed and it works just fine.

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