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Thread: How do you mix woody and sid?

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    How do you mix woody and sid?

    I just didn't want to wait any longer until certain packages find their way into woody and so I installed them from sid to my otherwise woody system:
    I created an /etc/apt/apt.conf file with the line

    APT::Default-Release "woody";

    added the unstable lines to my sources.list and installed what I wanted from sid using

    apt-get -t sid install <package>

    Next time I updated the lists of packages (using dselect) I realized that hitting 'install' would basically give me a dist-upgrade to sid which is not what I wanted. So I tried aptitude and it wants to do the same. Even a simple apt-get upgrade now ignores the fact that woody is to be my default release and I only want those packages from sid that I explicitly asked for (including their dependencies).

    So now what? How do I get an up-to-date woody system with a few unstable packages without having to put hundreds of packages on hold manually?

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    Re: How do you mix woody and sid?

    Installing packages from one version of debian onto another can get messy. Usually what I do is install what I can with apt-get on my woody box, and if anything is too out of date or unavailable, I just compile it from source.

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    Re: How do you mix woody and sid?

    look up priority !

    You need to set woody at say 1000 and Sid at 700 - that way -t will work correctly.

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