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Thread: Installing KDE themes.

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    Installing KDE themes.

    What? How do I installed these themes for KDE?

    I downloaded the dotNET theme, untarred it, and then configured and compiled it (does it strike anybody as odd that you have to compile a theme?), then I did the 'make install', it installed into all the right directories... but the theme isn't showing up in the theme manager or the 'window decoration' section either.

    What's up with that? What do I have to do to use this theme?

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    Re: Installing KDE themes.

    It's a widget style, not a theme...

    Look under Style for dotNET

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    Re: Installing KDE themes.

    It wasn't there either. At least, not until I restarted KDE.

    Does anybody else that that it's really ugly? It looks nothing like Windows. The "Qt Windows" widget with the "Redmond" window decoration looks a heck of a lot like windows, though.

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    Re: Installing KDE themes.

    Are you dizzing my desktop boy ??

    Don't make me hurt you !

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    Re: Installing KDE themes.

    Don't worry, I'll post a screenshot of my desktop as soon as I'm happy with it. I'll probably end up trying xfce (again) and fvwm before I settle on KDE. I like some of the stuff KDE does, but for the most part it's just too big and slow (even with objprelinking on my machine) for this to be my fulltime WM/DE.

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    Re: Installing KDE themes.

    where did you find it?

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    Re: Installing KDE themes.

    Find what, the dotNET thing? It was in the widgets. And I don't think it actually worked because it happened to look a helluva lot like the 'webdesktop' one or whatever that one is.

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