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Thread: FvwmButtons question

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    FvwmButtons question

    I want to have a button in a FvwmButton bar that displays a state dependent pixmap. For instance I often change my keyboard layout or switch my ISDN b-channel on and off. So I want buttons that indicate the different stated by displaying distinct pixmaps.

    The only thing I can think of is to write a tcl/tk script and have FvwmButtons swollow that app.

    Any ideas on how to accomplish this without coding? I've been digging through the manpage but didn't come up with anything useful.


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    Re: FvwmButtons question

    oh great! the only other fvwm user here who knows more than me is asking a question... ;D

    the way i can think of is to do exactly what you are taling about, i.e. write a tcl program and pop it in your fvwmbutton section. I guess you could try poosting to the fvwm mailing list.

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    Re: FvwmButtons question

    Hmm, I thought so...

    Oh well, coding that shouldn't be too difficult and a good exercise anyway. FYI I'm just designing a whole new .fvwm2rc which shall be a super-deluxe-double-supreme version inspired from some neat little tricks I saw in one or another default theme. I'll post a shoot when it's done together with the config file. However, I just got started so it'll take a couple of days...

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    Re: FvwmButtons question

    whoo hoo!! I can once againtake advantage of you GPLing your ~.fvwm stuff

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