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Thread: KDE session problem

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    KDE session problem

    Every time I start KDE, it launches all of these programs. I tried closing them and restarting KDE with and with out the "Restore session when logging in next time" option. Does anybody know where KDE stores these sessions so I can delete this file? Thanks.

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    Re: KDE session problem

    Somewhere in ~/.kde I would assume....

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    Re: KDE session problem

    I use RedHat 7.2, and was literally forced to upgrde KDE to the most recent one of the time due to KDE bieng a total bastard. I had it where the panel I created would die and take the main one with it making me restart X. If you use 2.2.2, then just vape your ~/.kde directory. That will leave you with the defaults and you can go from there. If I recall there is one file that staes the loadings of the vaious apps, but not sure which one at this time (at work putzing around with the godawful NT servers ...... ehhhhww NT). Oh and if you do vape the ~/.kde dir, back it up first. Then you can compare the files so you know which one went bad.

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