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Thread: Killer screenshot!

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    Re: Killer screenshot!

    This will help lower latency in the system, giving a better overall feel of the desktop.
    Well, I don't fully understand what DirectFB is, or how it works, but if it does what I think it does -- gives X hardware acceleration -- then that would speed up everything that uses the GUI at all.

    I especially like the idea of building everything on a supporting framebuffer, which uses software emulation to support all the neat stuff for cards that don't support it.
    That's kind of good, just so people like me with bad hardware aren't left out, though trying to render stuff like that alphablending in software mode would probably bring my P-II 300MHz to it's knees.

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    Re: Killer screenshot!

    Radeon isn't even listed! > > > >

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    Re: Killer screenshot!

    So it looks pretty. Does it have the features of X, though?

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    Re: Killer screenshot!

    Well I can only see the benifit for the end user (regular joe) in terms of removing the client server structure that is X, and building the system more modular.

    Face it guys, X is probably holding us back....
    I haven't finished reading all of the info on the site, but I was wondering this (maybe you know, maybe you don't): will this get rid of some of the inherently insecure nature of xfree86 (since it uses a server)? If it does, and it will allow you to log in from a different machine and still have it's features, then it is a good idea.

    I am all for choice. If this project can gain some backing, maybe it will force the xfree86 project to change it's ways a bit. I don't know. I am not dogging the xfree86 project, mind you, as I obviously rely on it heavily when I startx. I would just like to see it grow into an easier system, overall.

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