Hello I am in touch with Linux from last 4 months.
I am given a small assignment to install and configure and run the radius server on my machine.
I have downloaded radiusd-cistron-1.6.7.tar.gz from http://www.radius.cistron.nl/

2. then I Untar the file
# tar zxvf radiusd-cistron-1.6-stable.tar.gz

then into the directory
# cd radiusd-cistron-version
# cd src
# ls
# cp Makefile.lnx Makefile

then did following changes in file radius.h

#define PW_AUTH_UDP_PORT 1645
#define PW_ACCT_UDP_PORT 1646

! to:
#define PW_AUTH_UDP_PORT 1812
#define PW_ACCT_UDP_PORT 1813

then I used makeinstall
# make
# make install

now installation Is done successfully. I want someone to help me in configuration of radius server at least enough for running the radius

moreover I want to know how to run radius service.
As when I use command service radius start/restart then I got the message service not exists.
When I use command #radiusd –C then I got the message
“reading configuration files . . .
configuration ok…”