I remember when 2.0 came out there was a set of commands that KDE.org said to run so everything went smoothly in the upgrade. It installed all the RPMs, refreshed the menus, included dbupdate (or whatever the command is that refreshes what "locate" goes through), and maybe some others. It was fairly simple. You just got all the RPMs you thought you needed, put them in a single directory, then ran those commands (maybe a half dozen of them). Restart X, and there you had it...a brand new KDE. Now that 3.0 is out, is there something similar? Or does someone remember where to find that quick list of commands for upgrading? I managed to get all the 3.0 final RPMs today, but I don't want to start messing with them without a little more in the way of instructions. Since the announcement hasn't been made (except for /., which was kinda lame, but who am I to say, I still went out and got it), there aren't any such instructions (at least, not as I type this). Any suggestions? Oh, and I got it at ftp://sunsite.uio.no/pub/kde/stable/3.0/ (well, the site is right, I think the directory is right too...anyway, it is obvious, you'll see it).