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Thread: My First Firewall box Need your input

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    My First Firewall box Need your input

    I hope someone can help me out.
    I am working on my first Linux firewall box.
    I already have Fedora Core 3 and I am running a local Apache Web Sever with all the goodies.

    After reading lot of firewall howtos I still don’t really have any idea of what is the bare bones software I need to install on the firewall box at this point.

    This is the list I have at this point.

    Fedora Core 3 OS

    There it is the list, is there anything I am missing or should be adding to the list.

    The help would be much appreciated.


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    if you have linux installed with network components you have everything nesscary to create a firewall anything else is up to you to decide if you want it to run on your server. if you intend it to be a headless (no monitor/keyboard) in the corner system, you will want a recent kernel, iptables and a sshd to login to.

    id check out the guy has good configureation how-to's

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    Thank You


    From all the reading I have done about firewalls.
    They all say install the bare minimal software.
    But don't give you any idea of what the bare minimal should be.
    Re the reason for this post.

    The link you posted is going to a great help Thank You.

    Have a great weekend


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