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Thread: two keyboards.......

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    two keyboards.......

    not sure if this is the place to put it but i guess that i just assume that since it's likely to be an X config thingy in order to get this working.

    i have two keyboards hooked up to my box:
    a standard american english keyboard (with a few specail keys) is hooked into the USB and is what i use for the most part.
    in the PS/2 i have a generic german keyboard that i picked up for a few Euros while in germany. obviously the american keyboard works without a hitch, but the german keyboard seems to act like an american keyboard. eg: the y and z keys aren't switched like they should be, and i can't access some of the special keys like the EUR symbol or the @ sign, since the @ sign is under the Q on the german keyboard. tho if i hit shift-2 on the german keyboard, it gives me @, even tho the keyboard says that that's where the qoute marks are, etc.....

    is there some way to tell X that the PS/2 port is german and the USB is american?

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    Re: two keyboards.......

    k i think i have it down sort of, the problem is that the kernel sees both keyboards as a single device. now i have to figure out how to tell the kernel that the PS/2 and the USB are different devices.....

    anyone following this? anyone gonna try to help me?

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    Re: two keyboards.......

    hmm okay i'll try a reply... mainly because you are in calc and i'm sitting here using a computer :-P.... unfortunatly :-/

    anyway check /dev/input/* look for something for the keyboard... maybe the event stuff could emulate a ps2 for X...?

    else you might need to change the /kernel code/ so it doesnt fully emulate the usb keyboard..

    but yea doesnt sound easy

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