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Thread: Where to begin?

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    Where to begin?

    I'd like to learn Linux programming, maybe starting off with basic shell scripting in BASH, then moving on to (C, C++?). I have no prior programming experience of any kind.

    Where do I begin? Know any good books? Any free online tutorials?


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    Re: Where to begin?

    usually books by O'Reilly do the trick =)

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    Re: Where to begin?

    I would recommend doing what I did... jump right into C++ - it's tough, but once you get a hang of the general design ideas, it's really not that hard to grasp.

    Here's a free C++ guide, and I can recommend Deitel and Deitels, How to program C++

    If you feel that C++ might be a bit much, then I hear Ruby is good as a learners language, since it's very easy and fun to code in. I've never personally tried Ruby, but it comes highly recommended.

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    Re: Where to begin?

    There are some nice Basic interpreters out there, including Yabasic. It has a lot of modern features not in the classic Basic and is a really easy place to start.

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    Re: Where to begin?

    I think maybe you should start with scripting just because you learn some of the more advanced programming-like features of the shell. Then more onto a more advanced language like C.

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