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Thread: problem with configuring apache

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    problem with configuring apache


    i have fedora core linux and apache 2. i have setup static ip on that machine. on the local network everything works fine, i can access http no problem. but from the web it does not open up the page. i have a router and set port forwarding to that machine. also, set port forwarding to that machine for ssh (port 22) and that connects just fine. can anyone help please.


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    Dear leva008,

    Can you please give here your IP Address so that some one try to access and will let you know what is the problem. BTW do check that you don't have firewall on Linux Box.

    Best Regards.
    Frrkh hmd

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    my ip

    my public ip is when i installed linux, i chose not to turn the firewall on. when i check, service iptables status, it shows firewall stopped. when i check chkconfig --list, it show to be 3n for the init. this box is in my house. i tested it from work, and i connect to ssh, but not to http. i can't test it from home because i'm on the same network and other than asking someone else i would have to go through a proxy server.

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    iptables -L
    will show your current firewall settings if any so check that, also check your router and make sure your forwarding port 80 as well as 22, other than that check your syslog and apache logs to make sure their not complaining about some error

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