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Thread: TCP flag values

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    TCP flag values

    Is there any source where tcp flag values are listed.
    I'm dealing woth snort rules and I think it would be nice to know what A+ and other TCP values are......

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    Re: TCP flag values

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    Re: TCP flag values

    THanks guys. Those flags are quite familiar. The reason I'm asking this question is that I took a look at the rules that snort IDS processes and there is an entry in the rule that looks like this:
    (msg:"PORN free XXX"; content:"FREE XXX"; nocase; flags:A+; classtype:kickass-porn; sid:1310; rev:1

    Please notice the flags:A+; part - flags are TCP flags A+ looks like a value...I was thinking that there are a bunch of tcp flag values that I'm not aware of, like A+
    Do you have any idea what the A+ is?

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    Re: TCP flag values

    The A means Ack, and the + means match on all specified flags plus any others. *You can find out more here

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