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Thread: Folks entering on different ports?

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    Folks entering on different ports?

    I run a Multi User dungeon on port 2000. When I am online and someone logs into the game it sends a notify message to me that shows the persons name, ip address and port.

    Never has it showed the same port I have open for the game always something else above 1000.

    Am I just not understanding tcp/ip and how it shuffles ports? Or is there something seriously wrong with the codebase that is causing this wierdness?


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    Re: Folks entering on different ports?

    No, that is normal. The same thing happens when someone telnets into your machine. The port (23) is listening for connections, when the client machine tries to connect the machine then passes it allong to another port in a higher range for the actual transmission of data. If this didn't happen there would be exclusive locks on ports allowing only one machine to be reading/writing to the same program/service at a time.

    Where is your mud again ;D?

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    Re: Folks entering on different ports?

    this isn't really a tcp/ip thing as much as it is a UNIX sockets and portmapper/RPC thng.

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