I'm looking at setting up a custom built system as my dial-up/samba/file server, bla, bla, bla. I'm trying to decide on a distro and Mandrake 8.2 seems to be the best way to go ATM. However, I'm considering OpenBSD. The modem I would like to use is a Lucent 56kb. (Could I use that under OpenBSD with the linux driver set?)

I'm looking at making my own web based interface for it. Now could I restrict access to only one ip for the web interface? Would that help to secure my box (Okay, dumb question but could there be an easy way around it for a hacker?)

I looked at Mandy because it should be fairly easy to upgrade if I use rpm's via the web interface. What advantages or disadvantages would I have with OpenBSD?

Security probably isn't too much of a problem because I'm on dial-up but I want to learn some new skills.